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Share a vehicle like Shiva

Shiva, you carpool and share a vehicle with your wife and sometimes your son - how does that work out for you? Any tips? - Scott

Om! Om! Om!  Sharing a vehicle can be difficult at first, because it requires careful coordination and communication with whoever you are sharing with.

There are many advantages to sharing a vehicle: it is cheaper, for one thing.  No need to pay for two vehicles, whether you are feeding them hay (like Nandi) or gasoline.  And then there are the payments, and the insurance to consider.  But beyond this, it is easier - you can share the ride, and enjoy it more.  And then there are all the wonderful environmental benefits - less fuel burned means less air pollution, less greenhouse gasses, less traffic on the streets, and a better world for everyone.

I must admit, My situation is a little easier - My vehicle is Nandi, My own Avatar. And He is also the Avatar of My Wife, Gauri.  And My Wife, Gauri, is My Avatar too - and I am Her Avatar.  So we usually travel together, in the same direction and at the same times.

But truth be told, it was not always so.  Back then my Wife and I were not so close.  She used to have Her own Vehicles - she loved to ride lions, or tigers.  And we have two sons: Kartikeya, he has his own Vehicle (a lovely peacock), and Ganesh also has his own Vehicle (a little mouse).

But one day, we were all headed in the same direction, and so we decided to travel with one vehicle, trusty Nandi.  I let my sons do the driving, so I could enjoy some time with Gauri.  It was a lot of fun for everyone.  That's how it started - we started sharing a ride, and soon found we enjoyed sharing the ride.  Then we realized we were usually going close enough to the same direction - usually - to coordinate the ride-share.  Soon, My wife pretty much stopped using Her vehicle, and so did Ganesh. And his wives. Now we all travel together in a carpool.  But Kartikeya moved to another world, and so he needs his own vehicle there.  But that's another story.

Sometimes sharing a vehicle is a little more tricky - then you need to make sure you are there to pick up the others you share your ride with when they are ready to be picked up.  Like a bus, you can have a route, or even schedule a central meeting place.  And if you haven't realized Siddhi through your yoga practice and don't have telepathy, cellular phones are very useful - in case someone is running late, or needs to change plans.  But it is totally worth it to try!