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Monday blues

Shiva, I have a difficult time returning to work on Monday after a weekend... - Mitchel

Om! Om! OM! While I understand "the weekend," I do not think there is no "beginning" or "end" to the week. A person works tirelessly every day - not necessarily for their employer, but in the performance of their duties, in the practices of Yoga. It is always more difficult to return to work after stopping work, more difficult to wake up than to go to sleep, more difficult to get up after sitting down. I am not saying that you do not need rest - but merely suggesting that a change of work is often the best rest. Play is very important work and can be done improperly, like any duty.

Your difficulty to returning to work can be easily resolved by more attentively performing your duties on Saturday and Sunday. If these are, in your practice, designated days for play or household cares (cleaning, repairing, or the like), consider how you are performing these duties to advance your Yoga. Play is both important and difficult work.

I, too, take a day for play. Monday, in fact. Mondays are, in fact, my favorite day: it was on a Monday when I first met my love, my wife; Monday was when our children were born. Mondays have always been special to us, like celebrating an anniversary every week. We will play games and spend time as a family, devoting ourselves entirely to loving each other. This is why Shiva Pujas are performed on Mondays: to celebrate our love and family.

This sort of ritual may not work with your schedule: but the day of the week really doesn't matter too much. Perhaps, make Saturday or Sunday (or both) that sort of "special day" for you and your family. Some people do not have the luxury of a weekend, and must satisfy themselves with a particular time of day or a particular ritual (such as dinner or breakfast) to celebrate and play.

While games, feasts and other celebrations are great play, you might also consider taking the day to visit holy places: not just Temples and Ashrams, but the mountaintops, the deep forests and vast deserts, the oceans and rivers. Pilgrimage, especially when undertaken with your family, is an important ritual in Grihastha which you will find refreshing. If you work daily, take a little time to walk the streets of your neighborhood and behold the sky, the creatures of the world.