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Shiva, How long does a student usually require to become competent in Yoga? - Ben

Om! Om! Om! The answer depends on the form and path of their practice: competency in Bhakti Yoga can be attained in less than a year, competency Karma Yoga can be attained in as little as 12 years, but competency in Jnana Yoga will typically require more than 25 years and competency in Hatha Yoga will require the rest of your life. The answer also depends on the natural skill and ability of the student. The certainty of success depends upon many factors, not limited to the suitability of the location of practice. Certainly, under ideal conditions and the necessary natural skill and ability, a person could attain competence after a single lesson - but these situations are rare.

A person who has never traveled between Grand Junction and Denver might ask for directions from someone who has made the journey frequently, examine maps and learn all the arts of navigation - and still get lost along the way, especially if a detour is required by construction or weather. Or if they crash, or are robbed somewhere along the way. That person might fly from airport to airport, take the train, drive a car, even bicycle or walk, and arrive sooner or later. That said, if asked how long it takes to go from Grand Junction to Denver, it is easy enough to say "the journey typically takes between an hour and two weeks. Numerous people have made the journey, and most make it to Denver in 5 hours." If asked which is best: walking, biking, driving or flying, careful consideration would have to be made to the financial and physical strength of the person, their desire to see things along the way, and the speed they must reach their destination. Some will doubtlessly prefer to walk - but others would like to fly. However, just because a person wants to fly does not mean they can afford the ticket. Or just because a person began the journey on foot does not mean they won't finish it on wheels - or by wings.

Numerous people have made this journey ahead of you, it is possible - and necessary - to undertake. Do not be concerned with how fast you progress: simply make the best progress you can. It is not a competition with others. But don't be afraid to ask for help along the way.

Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! - Shiva